Friday, 31 December 2010

Bruce Springsteen live songs from 'The Promise' will stream on Vevo

Only 60 lucky people got a chance to watch the performance of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band doing gig at at the Carousel House in Asbury Park.

Vevo, the music industry's answer to YouTube, is streaming a five-song sampler from the Carousel House concert. The footage is dramatic -- Springsteen and his band in top form as the sun paints the sky pink behind him. The mini-concert will be up at until January 1.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Bruce Springsteen Plays Secret Gig In New Jersey

On Tuesday,December 7 on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a secret show was played by Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band,according to

Songs from their recent release, The Promise was played by the band and his gang.Since the show was kept secret, there were only a few dozen people that showed up at the Carousel House, which used to hold an actual carousel.

At the secret gig,Jackson Browne's David Lindley played violin which lasted about four hours. Lindley had previously played on some of the Darkness sessions as well.

With Elvis' holiday classic "Blue Christmas" the band wrapped up the show.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bruce Springsteen: With E Street Band perform a secret concert

Bruce Springsteen performed a secret concert with his E Street Band at the New Jersey on Tuesday 7 December. Bruce currently performed "The Promise" with his band.
The sessions 1978's "Dark On The Edge Of Town" released for this reason the album "The Promise" made up of unreleased material.

This concert was kept secret, at the Carousel House, which used to hold an actual carousel including this concert only a few dozen people. Jackson Browne's David Lindley also performed at the secret concert, when the Lindley had last performed in "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"as well.

For Elvis' holiday classic "Blue Christmas" the band absorbed their concert.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bruce Springsteen - The Promise

In the three years between the knockout success of Born To Run and Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Bruce Springsteen was unable to go into the studio due to management issues but was still writing songs at an enviable rate. The songs that didn’t make Darkness make up this collection.

Some will be familiar. There’s a version of Racing In The Street with different lyrics, as well as Because The Night and Fire, which were made famous by Patti Smith and the Pointer Sisters respectively. Bruce’s original, looser version of Because illuminates the emotional depth Smith added to her rendition, though it’s easy to hear why she liked the song in the first place.

And while curiosities and lost tracks usually only appeal to the fan who has everything, this album stands as a perfect complement to Springsteen’s mid-70s work.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bruce Springsteen – The Promise Review

Billed as a lost Springsteen album, these 21 songs were left over from the 40 or so he recorded for 1978's Darkness on the Edge of Town, which is re-released this week in the form of a luxurious, multiple-disc box set.

Heard here for the first time, they reveal the author working through his influences – Roy Orbison, doo-wop, classic rock 'n' roll – and while a thrill for fans, the truth is he was right first time. Not only do the songs not quite fit Darkness's tightly edited tales of struggle, they're not quite up to its high standard either.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hear another lost Bruce Springsteen album

Bruce Springsteen forthcoming album "The Promise" is on the headline, but a fact that has been revealed is another collection of lost/previously unreleased Bruce Springsteen music to add to your collection

The Jersey rocker’s fifth studio album,The Ties That Bind, was the hit of that time, he scrapped the sessions in favor of the darker 1980 classic, The River and while the material originally intended for The Ties That Bind did ultimately make its way onto The River, some serious reworking had to be carried out beforehand.

The 10 tracks of the album which was featured includes "greater ambiance" and a "warmer" which Springsteen said “seemed inadequate” for where he was in his career. Guitara101 points to “The Price You Pay” as one of the best examples:

“Greater separation between the acoustic guitar (left channel) and electric guitar (right channel) and improved sound on Max Weinberg’s snare and cymbals, not to mention the alternate third verse, make for a new aural experience. Furthermore, the E Street Band flat-out nailed this song on the first take.”

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bruce Springsteen In Action At NYC

On wednesday night at Beacon Theater in New York City Bruce Springsteen performed three at the Stand Up For Heroes benefit.

Backed by Max Weinberg's Big Band and with the E Street Band's Roy Bittan playing piano, Bruce opened with "Open All Night" a song from his 1982 "Nebraska" album. Bruce Springsteen performed in the same way which he did on the 2006 Seeger Sessions Tour.

The next song perform was the "Kitty Back" which has been played at most of the shows on the recent tour by Weinberg's Big Band

For his final song, "If I Should Fall Behind.", her wife Patti Scialfa joined him as well.

Tony Bennett and Jerry Seinfeld also performed at Beacon Theater in NYC and the event was hosted by Jon Stewart

This is the first of three shows in three nights for Bruce. On Thursday and Friday nights, he'll be in Pittsburgh to play with Joe Grushecky as part of the 15th anniversary celebration of Grushecky's album "American Babylon."

Thursday, 16 September 2010

at Toronto Film Festival Bruce Springsteen Discusses 'Darkness'

Bruce Springsteen says that me and the E Street Band were not made a mission when they made his "Darkness on the Edge of Town" album 32 years ago.

Springsteen The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town," at the Toronto International Film Festival which premieres on Tuesday.

According to the press this film which played on Monday, 1978 record interview to the Springsteen and his band's made along with rehearsal and studio footage, which he calls a "reckoning with the adult world" after the phenomenal success of his "Born to Run" album three years kindly.

Springsteen will talk about his music in our fans chat with actor and friend Edward Norton, before the premiere.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bruce Springsteen doc upcoming details emerge

Bruce Springsteen fans are already awaiting the deluxe reissue his album Darkness on the Edge of Town in 1978 this fall, but even better news may be the documentary about the making of the album that will premiere on HBO in October. Called The Promise, at the Toronto Film Festival it will screen in September. Rolling Stone reported some details about the doc after speaking to Thom Powers, the Toronto fest’s documentary programmer. Powers told the magazine, “The strength of this movie is that it just concentrates on the making of just one album. There’s not even much concert pictures.”

What it does have, it appears, is plenty of rare vintage studio picture, original studio recordings, and extensive new interviews with, among others, the Boss himself, Patti Smith (who co-wrote “Because the Night”), and members of the E Street Band, including the late organist Danny Federici. After reading the news, I scrolled through’s gallery of vintage Springsteen shots and was reminded again just how much I love looking at pictures from ’70s-era E Street Band. Like just the ticket for me a whole movie about that time sounds. Are you tuning in? And do you agree as many do that Darkness is Springsteen at his best?

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bruce Springsteen New Documentary 'Darkness At The Edge Of Town',

Bruce Springsteen has confirmed details of a new documentary based on his album 'Darkness At The Edge Of Town'.
In 1975 Bruce Springsteen released 'Born To Run', rock icon becoming an almost instant. Its breath taking mixture of classic rock influences and everyman wisdom took both the charts and critics by storm.
In legal conflict however the singer was soon dogged down, and was prevented from releasing new material for some time. Able to work without restriction in the studio, what emerged was 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town'.
A much darker and more mature effort, the album established Bruce Springsteen as one of rock's most vital songwriters. Now 'Darkness On The Edge Of The Town' is set for a lavish re-issue, including a new documentary following the making of the album.
At the Toronto Film Festival set to premiere this September, the documentary includes some revealing pictures of the E Street Band working in the studio.
Speaking to Rolling Stone, 'Miami' Steve Van Zandt explained that work is well under way on the lavish re-issue package. He said, "We're doing a little bit of fixes on some Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes, which is going to be a actually fun reissue coming for Christmas".
"We put 10 or so outtakes on the Tracks box set and we (have since) found 10 more" the guitarist continued. "I'm not sure how many we'll put on there. We'll go back and he might finish a lyric on one or two, or finish a harmony on one or two, but we'll keep them intact pretty much."
Meanwhile, drummer Max Weinberg described how a camera crew followed the band incessantly during the recording sessions. He said, "A lot it was captured on film".
"There studio was always a guy with a little hand held camera. If that does make the light of day, it would be something I would heartily endorse."
Bruce Springsteen is set to re-issue 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' later this year.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bruce Springsteen: Cheers on his daughter

In Calgary this week cheering on their daugther are Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patti Scialfa . Says Springsteen, "My daughter's about to ride, I'm just here as a parent".

Jessica Springsteen, 18, is competing at the Spruce Meadows National Tournament.
To compete this year she's not the only famous child.
The daughter of the mayor of New York City is also riding. Georgina Bloomberg has returned for another summer of competition at the show jumping facility.
Springsteen and Scialfa have been trying to keep a low profile during their stay in Calgary although the two were spotted dining at Rouge restaurant in celebration of their 19th wedding anniversary.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen

Reading this book instantly put me in mind of a college tutor who often tried to enthuse me about the music of The Boss. Caught up in anarcho-punk as I was, it wasn't an attractive proposition.
Working On A Dream however made me wish that I'd been a little less arrogant and at least given his polemics the time of day.
Make no mistake about it, Masciotra is a complete Bruce Springsteen devotee, but even if you are not a fan there is still much of interest in this finely detailed and intensely written volume.
Generally adopting a thematic rather than a strictly chronological or biographical approach, Masciotra anchors his politics firmly to the left and finds the love, anger, despair and hope so often present in Springsteen's work an invaluable guide to both understanding and changing the lot of those presently either despised or rendered invisible in the heart of the American dream.
Hundreds of songs are mentioned, and it's refreshing that the author isn't afraid of bringing a passion for politics and sociology to his work.
Masciotra has a gushing enthusiasm for his subject that is generally well placed and infectious but it can also become wordy, overbearing and a little too uncritical.
Springsteen has never claimed to have all the answers, loves music like any good rocker should and has a surprisingly sophisticated understanding of what impact he can make through his tunes.
Growing up in a white working-class area, he wanted to become a musician more than anything else, the lack of interest and sometimes complete hostility of his depressed and tyrannical father being more than matched by the support he received from a doting mother.
Despite being a long standing supporter of social welfare causes, Springsteen had a tendency in the early years to shy aware from an overtly political stance, particularly on stage.
However, a growing confidence in musical ability and a willingness to write about every aspect of rapidly changing US society made his work increasingly political. Springsteen eventually came around to giving support to Kerry's candidature and, more recently, to the newly elected President Obama.
Whether this was wise only time will tell, but one thing that does emerge from this text is his ability to write from the position of the underdog, whoever and wherever he or she might be.
The anthemic Born In The USA, for example, far from being some xenophobic battle cry is in fact the true story of a disillusioned Vietnam vet who on returning home recognises that his war is by no means over.
Streets Of Philadelphia was used in one of the most moving films ever made about the plight of those living with Aids, while American Skin 41 Shots saw Springsteen being labelled anti-cop when he had the temerity to speak out against the NYPD after they had brutally shot dead a totally innocent young black man.
References to the Steinbeck character Tom Joad and an ongoing interest in the work of fellow musician Pete Seeger have also helped place Springsteen at the centre of US progressive culture.
Unlike the all too clever, intentionally shallow and gossip-obsessed rubbish that we generally get, this is musical journalism definitely worth reading.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Springsteen given immigrant award

Everyone knows he was born in the USA but it is Bruce Springsteen 's European immigrant roots - and his family's 110-year American dream - that have now been celebrated.
Accompanied by his proud mother and aunts - the women who he said "provided me with place" and "filled my family and all of my work with great meaning" - the rocker from New Jersey received an Ellis Island Family Heritage Award.
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation presents the award to immigrants or their descendants "who have made a major contribution to the American experience."
Also honoured were investment banker Peter G Peterson, Avon chief Andrea Jung and basketball player Dikembe Mutombo.
"You can't really know who you are and where you're going unless you know where you came from," Springsteen said.
His maternal great-grandmother, Raffaela Zerilli, arrived at Ellis Island from Vico Equense, Italy in 1900, bringing with her five children.
They joined her husband in Manhattan's West Village. One of the children, Antonio, grew up and married Adela Sorrentino.
Their youngest daughter Adele, now 85, went on to marry Irish-American Douglas Springsteen. The Springsteens raised their three children in New Jersey.
When Bruce was 16, his mother borrowed money to buy a guitar, an event he later chronicled in song in The Wish. He taught himself to play it and went on to sell more than 120 million albums worldwide
Springsteen , who played at President Barack Obama's inauguration, said his mother "held our family together under just great, great, great difficulty. Thank you, Mom. I love you very much".

Monday, 29 March 2010

Political Notes From 'The Boss'

When Bruce Springsteen became a political "Boss" he could not have imagined that the lyrics from one of his most famous songs would be cited by one American president and used to lampoon critics of another.

Our media watchdogs require close watching. It's been an article of faith for Nation editors and readers since the founding of the magazine. I'm excited to join this tradition, and take it to new terrain at Media Fix, The Nation's first blog devoted to highlighting the best and worst of current media.

But backing Barack Obama in 2008 took him to the next level — picking a candidate way back in a primary race. Springsteen, of course, is a very rich man now, but he retains credibility with the "working-class" kids and adults that Obama was trying so hard to reach.Springsteen sang for Obama in the final key days of the fall campaign, drawing massive crowds (aimed at voter registration). He declared in conclusion in Philadelphia: "So now is the time to stand with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, roll up our sleeves, and come on up for the rising." Even Fox broke away from its Bill Ayers obsession to cover him.

Friday, 19 February 2010


Bruce Springsteen sat down for a live interview on Thursday, January 29 with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo from Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Also, SIRIUS XM will bring listeners Super Bowl with the E Street Band, a special hour of Super Bowl XLIII coverage with a unique look at this year's halftime performers, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Hear SIRIUS NFL Radio's John Riggins and Adam Schein interview E Street Band members during the special. Plus, E Street Radio host and Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh gets the intimate details from E Street Band members as they prepare for the performance from Raymond James Stadium on Sunday night. Part of the special is the Chris "Mad Dog" Russo interview with Springsteen. Additionally, SIRIUS XM listeners will hear portions of Thursday's press conference featuring the whole band.E Street Radio (SIRIUS channel 10 and XM channel 58) will broadcast Super Bowl with the E Street Band on Saturday, January 31 at 3 pm ET and Sunday, February 1 at 12 Midnight, 8 am, and right before kick-off at Super Bowl at 6 pm ET.