Saturday, 26 February 2011

Clarence Clemons 2009 Bruce Springsteen on Tour was in a state

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's longtime saxophonist CLARENCE CLEMONS has discovered his last tour with the E STREET BAND was "pure hell" - because knee and hip was struggling with change.

According to the that Clemons tells the continuous journey and their journey by the end of 2009, they find difficult to leave to stand on stage performing was the toll taken

He says, "The tour was wonderful musically, but I knew when it was done that I had to have more surgery."

Clemons because both the knee and again place had spinal fusion surgery.

He adds, "The timing was perfect because it didn't interfere with a lot of stuff that was going on in my life. It made me stronger, and for the past year, I've been in physical therapy a few days a week working my a** off to get back in shape. I'm walking better now, though I still use a cane and crutches. But now I'm having hip problems again. I don't know why."

But 69 years of pain that persists for more than a little with the Springsteen tour: "As long as my mouth, hands and brain still work I'll be out there doing it. I'm going to keep going 'til I'm not there anymore. This is what's keeping me alive and feeling young and inspired."

Clemons states, "If Bruce and Gaga both needed me around the same time I don't know if you could hold me down to the ground... The thing I'd really love to do is have the chance to go out with both of them."

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band images 2011

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Gaga inspired by Springsteen

Lady Gaga's upcoming new album 'Born This Way' has been influence by Guns N' Roses and Bruce Springsteen.

The two acts are taken as two of the main inspirations in a breakdown of the album, which is set to release in May, in Vogue magazine.

Journalist Jonathan Van Meter compares the lead single and title track 'Born This Way' to "a Madonna tune (that) switches into something that feels a bit like a Bronski Beat hit and then finally transforms into its own thing: a Gaga original."

In the cover feature, Lady Gaga also reveals that the album is about the "disenfranchised communities" of America, and includes genres ranging from rock to techno-house.