Friday, 29 April 2011

Bruce Springsteen and the American Soul: Essays on the Songs and Influence of a Cultural Icon

A cultural icon of songs and influence articles on: David Gellman, DePauw University associate professor of history and interim president of the department's new book, Bruce Springsteen and the soul of America contributes an article.

By David Garrett Izzo Edited, wrote the title and chapter is published by McFarland. Dr. Gellman, "Going Nowhere: Bruce, the Beatles, Neil Young, Talking Heads and Others."

Notes the publisher's synopsis, "For 40 years Bruce Springsteen has been making music on his way to becoming an icon, the conscience of rock ’n’ roll, and one of the greatest live performers of his generation."

"This critical work examines the man, his music, the cultural importance of his narrative songs and the singular experience of his live performances. Particular attention is paid to his political consciousness, including his alignment with the working poor, the unemployed, and Americans simply down on their luck. It also explores his role in politics in America, especially his endorsement of various politicians."