Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bruce Springsteen New Documentary 'Darkness At The Edge Of Town',

Bruce Springsteen has confirmed details of a new documentary based on his album 'Darkness At The Edge Of Town'.
In 1975 Bruce Springsteen released 'Born To Run', rock icon becoming an almost instant. Its breath taking mixture of classic rock influences and everyman wisdom took both the charts and critics by storm.
In legal conflict however the singer was soon dogged down, and was prevented from releasing new material for some time. Able to work without restriction in the studio, what emerged was 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town'.
A much darker and more mature effort, the album established Bruce Springsteen as one of rock's most vital songwriters. Now 'Darkness On The Edge Of The Town' is set for a lavish re-issue, including a new documentary following the making of the album.
At the Toronto Film Festival set to premiere this September, the documentary includes some revealing pictures of the E Street Band working in the studio.
Speaking to Rolling Stone, 'Miami' Steve Van Zandt explained that work is well under way on the lavish re-issue package. He said, "We're doing a little bit of fixes on some Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes, which is going to be a actually fun reissue coming for Christmas".
"We put 10 or so outtakes on the Tracks box set and we (have since) found 10 more" the guitarist continued. "I'm not sure how many we'll put on there. We'll go back and he might finish a lyric on one or two, or finish a harmony on one or two, but we'll keep them intact pretty much."
Meanwhile, drummer Max Weinberg described how a camera crew followed the band incessantly during the recording sessions. He said, "A lot it was captured on film".
"There studio was always a guy with a little hand held camera. If that does make the light of day, it would be something I would heartily endorse."
Bruce Springsteen is set to re-issue 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' later this year.

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