Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hear another lost Bruce Springsteen album

Bruce Springsteen forthcoming album "The Promise" is on the headline, but a fact that has been revealed is another collection of lost/previously unreleased Bruce Springsteen music to add to your collection

The Jersey rocker’s fifth studio album,The Ties That Bind, was the hit of that time, he scrapped the sessions in favor of the darker 1980 classic, The River and while the material originally intended for The Ties That Bind did ultimately make its way onto The River, some serious reworking had to be carried out beforehand.

The 10 tracks of the album which was featured includes "greater ambiance" and a "warmer" which Springsteen said “seemed inadequate” for where he was in his career. Guitara101 points to “The Price You Pay” as one of the best examples:

“Greater separation between the acoustic guitar (left channel) and electric guitar (right channel) and improved sound on Max Weinberg’s snare and cymbals, not to mention the alternate third verse, make for a new aural experience. Furthermore, the E Street Band flat-out nailed this song on the first take.”

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